Rapid Relief for Dental Pain - Guaranteed!

Get prompt attention within two hours. During business hours*, we understand dental anxiety and offer laughing gas and sedation methods to ensure your comfort. Concerned about expenses? We offer complimentary cost estimates and flexible financing options for all patients.

Looking For A Dentist?

We guarantee to accommodate you within two hours during our business hours*. Our clinic operates 7 days a week, including late evenings. For emergencies, appointments are not necessary as we provide immediate dental care to walk-in patients.

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

Our dental practice provides laughing gas and sedation alternatives to ensure your comfort and relaxation during your visit, enabling you to receive the necessary treatment.

What Are The Costs?

We offer affordable dental care with fees below the ADA Fee Guide. We handle insurance billing and accept all major insurance and government plans. For those without coverage, we provide instant financing options with convenient monthly payment plans.

Why Choose Us

Open 6 Days A Week

For your convenience, we are open six days a week, including evenings. Start your journey as our patient today by booking your appointment online!

Emergency Appointments Available

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we got you! We provide immediate emergency appointments on both weekends and weekdays.

Located In SW Edmonton

Pay us a visit today at our Edmonton, AB, Canada location. We are at 6643 25 Ave SW Edmonton, AB T6X 2T3. We welcome patients of all ages, so feel free to drop by and say hello!

Easy Financing Available

To ensure a convenient payment process for your dental appointment, we provide direct billing to your insurance. We accept all insurance types, making it quick and effortless for you to settle the payment.

Immediate Dental Care Solutions

At our emergency dental clinic in SW Edmonton, we frequently address these commonly encountered dental emergencies.
In cases of severe toothaches or broken teeth, our skilled dentists may recommend a restorative resin filling to safeguard the tooth’s structure. With efficiency and expertise, our team will promptly perform this procedure, ensuring your smile is restored to optimal health in a timely manner. You can trust us to deliver exceptional dental care and bring back your radiant smile in no time.

If you have a tooth abscess or it has been partially dislodged, our emergency dentist at Orchards Smiles can assist you. They will carefully and comfortably remove the tooth, and then discuss available tooth replacement alternatives, including crowns or dental implants. You can trust our team to provide safe and gentle extraction procedures, followed by comprehensive options for restoring your smile.

For emergency cases involving severe gum bleeding, our recommended solution is an emergency teeth cleaning procedure. Our skilled dentist will meticulously remove plaque buildup along the gumline and conduct a thorough assessment to rule out gum disease. Rest assured, your oral health is our priority.
A root canal procedure is typically carried out to address root infections or inflammation. This straightforward treatment effectively alleviates dental pain and preserves your natural tooth, eliminating the need for extraction. With a root canal, we can restore your oral health and ensure long-term tooth functionality.

If your dentures have been mishandled, bitten on a hard object, or accidentally dropped, they may break and lead to discomfort during eating, drinking, or speaking. At Orchards Smiles, we understand the inconvenience caused by broken dentures, and we are committed to providing swift repairs to restore your comfort and functionality. Our team will promptly attend to your broken dentures and ensure they are fixed in a timely manner.

Looking For A New Dentist? We Got You!

Looking for a new dentist? At Orchards Smiles in SW Edmonton, AB, we know how important it is to find the right dental professional. That’s why we focus on providing a comfortable and stress-free experience for our patients. Our team is dedicated to making you feel at ease during your treatment, creating a welcoming environment and addressing any concerns or anxieties you may have. Count on us to provide exceptional dental care while prioritizing your comfort and peace of mind.

Need Emergency Dental Care?

We’re open 6 days and evenings and offer same-day emergency appointments for your convenience!

Choose Orchards Smiles Dental for Cost-Effective Dentistry Solutions

At Orchards Smiles in SW Edmonton, AB, we believe in providing high-quality dental care that is affordable for everyone. As a family dentist, we offer fees lower than the ADA Fee Guide while maintaining excellent services. We understand the importance of insurance coverage and directly bill insurance providers, accepting major insurance and government plans.

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